This is my Odds~n~Ends page.  What will go here?  Items that I don't typically carry,
discontinued items, new items that we want to try out before I make it a permanent
part of my store.  Yes, sale items will be here too!

Fall 2014
Regular Price $9.00
50% off
Sale Price $4.50

These were my personal Phillips Ace 202 glasses. I
only wore them a few times, if that. I ended up getting
a shield to use shortly after buying these and have no
use for them. They are in perfect condition. (These
are standard sized glasses, they would not fit a petite
framed face) Regular retail is $150.

Price: $110.00
Very Gently Used Phillips Ace 202 Glasses
The important info about the partial jars:
-The jars on the sales pages are all the partial jars that are available.
-Yes, there are some full jars on there. Why? Because I had put partial jar stickers
on them so it is just easier to sell them during this sale as the stickers I put on are
not removable. (see example to the right)
-Yes, some colors have more then one jar available.
-Some jars actually have more then 16oz (1 pound) in them.
-The jars will be removed from the pages as they are sold.
Are you curious why
I put the labels on
there? The small
black text on the red
part of the label was
just to hard to see, I
needed super sized
labels to find the
numbers I needed
easier! LOL

An additional 10% off until July 5th at 5pm EST. That price will automatically be discounted in the shopping cart.