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I received in MORE
Oceanside Rods!!
(formerly Uroboros)
It is wonderful to see some rod colors arrive! Not a huge selection yet, but
the rods are being produced and more colors will be coming in the future.
No, I do not have a date yet for the next round of colors, but I am thrilled to
have received the colors I have! You can find them under the 96 coe tab,
then under
Oceanside Rods.
My CIM shipment will be arriving later this
week. Enjoy 10% off all CIM pre-orders.
When my shipment arrives, the sale will end.
The discount will be automatically given in the
shopping cart.

Between all the new colors and the colors that
are back in stock, my inventory of colors has
doubled! So exciting having so many colors
coming in.

Have a great week and stay safe!

                               ~ JameyLynn
50 New CIM Colors and
lots of CIM colors are back in
stock and CIM is on Sale!
All CIM is 10% off until my
shipment arrives later this week.