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New from Effetre
Brilliant Red

This is a different version of Effetre's
Transparent Red. They have said
that they are not sure if they can
replicate it or not, so I am not sure
how long this color will or will not be
around. It is a stunning deep rich
transparent red. You can find it on
Effetre Transparent Page
New - Bare Copper Wire
Do you like working with copper wire in your jewelry? Do you like
making headpins? I now have available pure, bare, copper wire in 4
sizes. They are 14g, 16g, 18g and 20g. They are available in 4oz or
1 pound spools.
Save on shipping by
ordering your wire with your
lampwork supplies. You can
find the copper wire on my
Metal Wire Page
Yellow (Green) Ocher
Effetre Odd-Lot
I am so glad, I was able
to get more of the odd lot
Yellow (Green) Ocher!
You can find it on my
Effetre Special Page