Double Helix Zephyr is back in stock

So glad Zephyr is back! Click here to go directly to the page: DH Zephyr

All the new Double Helix colors are on the site!!

I apologize! They have been here for a bit, but I have not had a chance to work on my website. But they are all uploaded and you can find them either on the pages by weight, or the pages by single rods.  And to give you a heads up, at some point in the very near future I am going to be combining the weight and single rod pages. Maintaining two separate pages for the same items takes extra time so the pages will go back to the way they were.

Big Effetre shipment has come in ~

I am so happy to say that it is fantastic to see that Effetre is back to full production. I have received in a large shipment and I have received in some colors that I have literally not had in years! Here is a list of what had been out of stock that is now back in stock. But you can easily see them on my Effetre pages as well, I have them clearly marked for you!

Effetre 006 Crystal Clear – Size 3-4mm
Effetre 019 Sage Green
Effetre 022 Medium Grass Green
Effetre 038 Pale Aquamarine
Effetre 039 Dark Violet
Effetre 041 Light Violet
Effetre 044 Dark Amethyst
Effetre 045 Blue Purple
Effetre 046 Pale Purple
Effetre 050 Pale Blue

Effetre 054 Medium Blue
Effetre 064 Black
Effetre 066 Intense Black
Effetre 069 Yellow Striker
Effetre 081 Dark Lavender
Effetre 212 Pea Green
Effetre 246 Dark Cobalt Blue
Effetre 247 Ink Blue
Effetre 264 Ivory
Effetre 276 Dark Ivory

Effetre 293 Ivory Lapis Cobalt Dark
Effetre 651 Venetian Sunrise
Effetre 376 Medium Pink
Effetre 380 Dark Pink
Effetre 416 Bright Yellow
Effetre 428 Light Reddish Orange
Effetre 441 Dark Matter
Effetre 456 Rubino
Effetre 481 Ancient Ivory
Effetre 532 Rose Striker

New fun punches to use for glass!!

I have some fun new items I just loaded up on my site. Punches. Lots of them. 23 punches and fringe scissors with just a few pictured below. The possibilities of using them with glass work is endless. And the best part? I got them at a fantastic price and I can pass that savings on to you too. You can find loads of suggestions on how to use them on my Fiskars Punch Page


Double Helix Jinx

Jinx is the first silvered opal created by Double Helix. This opal produces a range of misty opal blue and blue-green tones. The luster is best left exposed, and can be silver, gold, or iridescent depending on flame characteristics. Same as test batch ELX-891

Happy Glassing!

🙂 Have a great day everyone!