Fiskars Punches

I was able to buy out a place of all their punches at a fantastic price. So that great pricing is being passed onto you as well.
What do you do with punches and glass? So many things! Here are just a few examples:
You can punch thinfire and fuse it between layers of glass.
You can sprinkle enamel or mica on the cut out and put it under your piece and when you fire you will get that image on the back of your piece.
Want a deeper image? Punch several pieces of thinfire and stack them up to get a bigger recess in the back of your piece.
You can put some thin metals like leaf or foil between two pieces of paper to punch out the image you want to fuse into your piece.
You can punch out copper material.
And don’t throw away the thinfire you punched from, those “negatives” of the images can be used as well with the suggestions above.
Can you use them for lampworking? Yes, many of the punches are small enough that you can use them with leaf, foil, copper material, etc to use in your beads too!
This is just a very small sampling of what can be done with punches for fusing and lampworking.
I will not be able to get any more of these punches once these are gone, so don’t wait! This is a budget friendly deal!

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